Monday, April 4, 2016

Fairview Lounge

We found a hidden gem for dinner last night. It all started with Yelp. We wanted dinner close to our hotel and preferably local. Fairview Lounge was an option and had five stars. Reviews said it was a gas station and a Peruvian restaurant, and a bar with karaoke and djs. It also said it was not kid friendly but we were going to get there by 6:30 and we figured we could always change our mind later.

We didn't. The moment we walked in we were greeted by Abraham, the owner. We ordered takeout but asked for steamed rice for the kids while we waited. There is an amazing selection of beer and Abraham suggested a Peruvian beer and it was delicious.

The menu is fairly sizable so we asked the waitress what she suggested. We ordered the Lomo Saltado, the most popular menu item, and  the Aji de Gallina. Here are the menu descriptions.

We talked to the owner and his five year old daughter and learned they have been open about a year. His wife is from Peru and does all the cooking, Abraham is from Syria.

Our food was ready quickly and we were sad we ordered takeout.

We couldn't wait to eat and once we got to the hotel we dug in. It was amazing. The steak dish was very good but the Aje de Gallina was by far our favorite. It was creamy, spicy and full of chicken and potatoes. Absolutely delicious.

We can't wait to pass through again just so we can stop and try more of their food.

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